There are certain factors to consider in warmer weather, but keeping your car running at its optimum performance during the summer months is really not all that hard nor expensive. Following a few simple measures will do the trick.

Here are Pamby Motor's top 5 tips for summer car care:

1. Battery   
You hear a lot about car batteries getting zapped by severe winter weather conditions, but summer can wreak havoc on a battery as well. According to AAA, "heat and vibration are a battery's two worst enemies leading to internal breakdown and eventual failure." There's nothing you can do about extreme heat, but if you're worried about your battery rattling around, you can bring it in to the Pamby Service Center to make sure it's securely mounted in place.

2. Fluids

You're not the only one who needs to drink more fluids; your car does too. Fluids, such as motor oil, coolant (aka antifreeze) and windshield wiper fluid are highly important this time of year. They not only help lubricate; they also serve to cool the car down as they carry heat away from the engine. These are fairly easy to check on your own. Checking the coolant level is especially important since this is the main fluid that keeps your car from overheating. When your vehicle has cooled down (never do this when the car is running), you can remove the radiator cap to see a line the coolant should reach. If you are below the line, you should add enough coolant to reach it again. You also want to make sure you're following the manufacturer's instructions to get the recommended oil changes, which include checking and refilling the vehicle's fluid levels. Pamby offers free oil changes on their vehicles.

3. Tire Pressure
As the weather heats up, the air in your car tires expands. Car tires that are overinflated or underinflated reduce the vehicles handling capability. When you check the tire pressure, refer to the owner's manual instead of the number molded into the tire sidewall.  Most new cars come with an on-board tire pressure monitoring system, but you can also use a good quality tire pressure gauge. Don't forget to monitor the pressure on your spare. You never know when you might need it.


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4. Oil and Air Filter Changes

The days of summer go hand-in-hand with long car trips. Before you head out on that interstate drive, make sure you're up to date on all regular maintenance services, such as changes or replacements of oil and air filters. Not only is this beneficial for your long-term car care, it will also make a difference on your upcoming drive because neglecting these items leads to poor fuel economy.

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5. Sun Damage      
It's important to keep your car running smoothly, but if you also want to keep it looking like new, you'll want to protect it from harsh sun rays. When available, choose to park in a garage. You can also wax your vehicle regularly using a polish with UV protection to reduce sun damage and paint fading. An inexpensive windshield sun shade is also an effective way to stop fading, drying and cracking of the car's interior.