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  • John Pambianchi
    Dealer Principal

    John Pambianchi is the oldest son of Matty Pambianchi, one of Pamby Motor's original founders. He was born and raised in Ridgefield, CT. 

    Johnny began working part-time at Pamby Motors as a high school student in 1962! His first job was pumping gas at the Pamby gas station and then John went on to graduate from Northwood University in Michigan with a degree in Automotive Marketing. 

    When John came back to the family business as a college grad in 1970, Pamby Motors had a total of six employees. John did a little bit of everything. He sold cars, fixed them, towed them and helped clean up around the shop. 

    In the 1980s, Pamby Motors expanded to two Ridgefield locations - Chrysler Plymouth and Jeep. John ran the Chrysler Plymouth location and his father, Matty Pamby ran Jeep. He and his brothers, Mike and Fred, took over the family business in the 80's and continue to run the Dealership, Auto Body Shop, Parts and Service Department, and Gas Station. 

    Today, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and RAM vehicles are all sold under one roof at 665 Danbury Road, Ridgefield, where John works as the Dealer Principal.

    Johnny and his wife Eileen raised their two children boys, Matt and Nick, in Ridgefield. He enjoys playing with his two grandchildren, Jack and Kyle. He is involved in many Ridgefield community programs, including Sunrise Cottage, The Ridgefield Playhouse, Ridgefield High School's football team, high school scholarships, and youth sports.

  • Mike Pambianchi
    Service and Parts Director

    Mike Pambianchi is the middle son of Matty Pambianchi, one of Pamby Motor's original founders. He was born and raised in Ridgefield, CT.

    Mike began working at the family business in 1969, under the tutelage of his Uncle Harry and Uncle Otto Pambianchi. Otto taught him about the technical and mechanical part of the industry and he learned about managing Service and Parts from Harry.  He really enjoyed showing up to work after school and spending time learning and being with his aunts, uncles, and family, ultimately receiving a priceless education in on the job training. 

    After he graduated from Ridgefield High School in 1972 (the last class to graduate from the "Old Highschool,") Mike attended Post University and received his Associate's Degree in Business Science, returning to Pamby Motors, ultimately working his way to  Service and Parts Director.

    Mike has three grown children who live in Ridgefield with their spouses and children. He was an active part of their childhood growing up. He coached Pop Warned Football for 14 years, managed a Little League team for 12 years, coached for the RBA for 6 years, and assisted the Freshman RHS Football team for 5 years. He also was a Ridgefield Volunteer Fireman for 8 years.

    When Mike is not at work, he can be found watching sporting events and doing yard work. During the spring and summer, doing his favorite thing; enjoying Sunday's by the pool with his wife, Marylou, his children, and his six grandchildren; Natalie, Charlie, Haddie, George, Owen, and Teddy, and Brooke. He says "I'm extremely thankful for my wife, who helps me every day, so I could coach, or volunteer, and work, even when my kids weren't playing anymore." 

  • Fred Pambianchi
    General Manager

    Fred Pambianchi is the youngest child of Matty Pambianchi, one of Pamby Motor's founders and currently owns and operates the business with his two brothers, John and Mike.

    He was raised in Ridgefield, CT, where he attended St. Mary's School and Ridgefield High School, graduating in 1976. Some of his earliest memories are time spent with his dad and uncles at Pamby Motors and he began working for the business as a teenager, after school. 

    He continued his studies at Post University while working at Pamby Motors, learning all aspects the business. 

    Fred and his brothers took over the business in the 80's and continue to run the Dealership, Auto Body Shop, Parts Department, Service Center, and Gas Station.

    Today, Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, and RAM vehicles are sold at 665 Danbury Road, in Ridgefield, CT. Fred continues to work as the General Manager.

    Fred and his wife Betsy, raised their three children, Ryan, Emily, and Rebecca, in Ridgefield. He is involved in many Ridgefield community programs, including The Ridgefield Scholarship Committee. He adores playing with his grandsons, Ryan and Luke, in his free time!

  • Tim Pambianchi
    Service Director

    Tim Pambianchi has been at Pamby Motors for since 1994! He is the son of Mike Pambianchi, and grandson of Matty Pambianchi, one of the original founder's of Pamby Motors.

    Timmy began working part-time at the family business when he was in high school, and even in those early years, he knew he wanted to make this his career. 

    Tim graduated from Western Connecticut State University with a degree in Business Administration and followed up with training at the Chrysler school in Detroit.

    As Pamby's Service Director, Tim oversees all operations in the Service Department including towing. This includes customer satisfaction, the DMS computer system, training and direct contact with Chrysler.

    Tim grew up in Ridgefield, where he lives with his wife, Amanda and their two children, Natalie and Charlie. He is also Deputy Fire Chief of the Ridgefield Volunteer Fire Department.

  • Andy Pambianchi
    Service Quality Specialist

    Andy is a third generation family employee. His father, Mike Pambianchi, is the Service and Parts Director. Pamby Motors was started by Andy's grandfather (Matty Pambianchi) and his grandfather's brothers.

    Andy was raised in Ridgefield. He graduated RHS in 2000 and went to the Baron Institute of Technology, graduating in 2002. During high school, Andy began working at Pamby's part time. He returned full time after school as an Auto Technician.  He can be found in the Service Department, fixing cars Monday through Saturday.

    Andy grew up in Ridgefield, where he lives with his wife, Amy and their children; Haddie, Owen, and Brooke. Andy is also a member of the Ridgefield Volunteer Fire Department and enjoys spending time with his family.

  • Nick Pambianchi
    Service Client Manager

    Nick Pambianchi started working at Pamby Motors when he was 16 years old. During the summer, he would come in and wash cars for the Pamby Auto Body Shop. 

    In 2014, directly after graduating from college, Nick began working at Pamby full time. Since then, he has been our Service Client Manager in the Pamby Service Department.

    As our trusty Service Client Manager, Nick works closely with customers to explain the work being done on their cars. He completes work orders and ensures customer satisfaction on repairs.

    Nick is a third generation family employee, where his father, John Pambianchi, is the Dealer Principal. Pamby Motors was started by Nick's grandfather (Matty Pambianchi) and his grandfather's brothers.

    Nick is a volunteer firefighter for the Ridgefield Volunteer Firefighters and enjoys traveling when he has the chance. 

  • Joel Bruzinski
    General Manager

    When you walk into our Dealership, you will see Joel. He is always hard at work, but never too busy to offer a friendly greeting to customers and co-workers.

    Joel is a vital part of our business. He changed Pamby's for the better when he showed up to our former showroom on Danbury Road almost 20 years ago. He was wearing a suit and tie and was only 9 months out of college. John Pambianchi hired him on the spot!

    For nearly two decades, Joel has had the opportunity to see many of our loyal customers. In fact, this is one of his favorite parts of the job.  

    "We run a more integral business," Joel says. "It's run differently from other more stereotypical auto dealers. We want to retain people. Customers come back, and continue to see the same faces." In many cases, he has seen newly licensed teens come in with parents Joel sold cars to when they were newly licensed themselves!

    Joel says the Pamby building conveys an inviting feeling as soon as people walk in the door. "We speak that to the customer," he notes. "It's an outward conveyance of how we do business. You walk in here and feel the difference. That is by design."

    What people might be feeling when they walk in the door is the comradery among the staff. Joel appreciates the fact that everyone on staff knows each other well and is comfortable teasing each other. "Behind the scenes, we're like family," he says.

    When he leaves work, you might catch him driving away in his 1998 Jeep Cherokee Sport. You would think someone in the auto industry would have the latest and greatest model, but Joel has a sentimental attachment to this vehicle and he says it's still reliable. 

    He's an active member of his Sherman, CT community, where he and his wife do volunteer work and are politically involved. They own a historical home in the town center, which they have been continuously restoring. They are raising their two children, Nate and Eden,  two dogs and one bearded dragon in that home!

  • Tom Zegarelli
    Finance Manager

    Our assistant manager in finance, Tom Zegarelli, has been with us since 1996! Tom handles all finance elements of the business, big and small. From approving the sale price of each car to handling loans and leases, and even helping customers choose their accessories (such as floor mats), he is there to guide each buyer through every financial aspect of the sale.

    Tom went to the Technical Career Institute (TCI) - located in West Haven at the time - to become a mechanic. He then transferred to the service side of the business, where he was a manager before joining our finance department. Tom works long hours, and we greatly appreciate his dedication to the company. We are lucky to have him here.

    "It's my home away from home," Tom says. "The Pambys are good people to work for."

    When he's not at work, you might see him driving around; he's hard to miss in his Orange Crush-colored Jeep Wrangler. Or, you might see him at a sports game, since he's a huge fan of the New England Patriots and the Yankees. 

    In fact, his whole family is sporty. Tom's wife is the head coach of their daughter's cheer squad, which goes to nationals every year in Orlando; this last time, the cheer squad took third place! For years, until his son reached high school, Tom was his son's football coach. Now, his son works for his college's teams!

  • Barbara Jones
    Office Manager

    Barbara Jones works upstairs in the offices at the Pamby Motor's showroom. She manages HR, the accounts, payroll, and more. Barbara is a mover and shaker, overseeing a lot of moving parts at Pamby's, and she keeps the business running smoothly.

    Barbara was born in Hyannis, Massachusetts, but moved to Ridgefield, Connecticut while growing up. She attended and graduated Ridgefield High School, then studied at Western Connecticut State University.

    She began at Pambys in the office in 1988 as a Bookkeeper and learned a lot from Jess Torcellini, who worked at Pamby's for 50 years! Early on during her job, her son became very sick and a sincere personal interaction with John Pamby exhibited that she was working for an incredible family. 

    Thirty years later, Barbara remains with the company; loyal and happy to be here. She lives in Ridgefield with her husband Andrew and their youngest son Dylan and Border Collie, Zoie. Their older sons Eric and Adam, and grandchildren Alexis, Brooklyn, and Camden are a car ride and an airplane ride away, respectively.

    Barbara enjoys reading, crocheting, and running when she has some free time!

  • Lorri Rowe

    Our customers don't normally have the pleasure of interacting with Lorri, but we have been fortunate to be working with her for many years here at Pamby's.

    As one of our bookkeepers, she works diligently behind the scenes to monitor schedules, payroll, office equipment, money coming in and money going out. Lorri has 31 years of experience working in the car business; we are very lucky to have her with us.

    Lorri grew up in Ridgefield and was bound to end up working with the Pambianchi family one way or another! She went to school alongside some of the Pambianchi family members. Her mom worked with John Pambianchi's mother-in-law, and Lorri worked with Mike Pambianchi's and John Pambianchi's wives at the American Can Company in Greenwich before it closed!

    When Lorri isn't working, she's knitting or crocheting presents for her four grandchildren. She also stays busy during her free time by helping her good friend who writes books for young adults. Lorri edits the books and shares her ideas once the books are completed!

  • Colby Culbert
    Sales Consultant

    You might have already met Colby Colbert at our Dealership on 655 Danbury Road in Ridgefield, CT! His face is one of the first you see when you walk in the showroom. As a Sales Consultant for Pamby, Colby spends most of his time working directly with our customers, whether it's over the phone, in person or through email.

    We lucked out when we spotted Colby working at a Quiznos in New Milford. Our sales manager, Joel, went in for lunch and was impressed by Colby's work ethic. He left his card with Colby and asked him to come by the office. Seven years later, Colby is still with us. Sorry, Quiznos.

    One of the aspects Colby likes about his job is that it's competitive. The sales team keeps up a friendly rivalry that reminds him of playing sports. "I like the people I work with, and the job is rewarding," he says. When he's not at work, he likes to golf, bowl, snowboard and competes in paintball tournaments. He can also be found hanging with his cat, Azzy!

  • Carl Russo
    Sales Consultant

    Carl Russo is a man of many talents, but the characteristics we like at Pamby's are his sense of humor and work ethic. He is a driven salesperson and team player.

    Carl was raised in Stratford, Connecticut and attended the Colonial School of Tool Design. He began his career as a Mechanical Draftsman then was promoted to Mechanical Designer. He eventually became an Industrial Graphic Designer and worked his way to Financial Planner at IDS Amex. Carl followed another passion and founded a Music Store called Tunes in Newtown, CT that sold CDs and cassette tapes! Carl invested in real estate, and became a Salesperson at Pamby Motors! What a busy guy!

    When Carl isn't selling cars or checking in on his rental properties, he likes to golf and to spend time with his family. He's married to his wife Karin, and has four wonderful children; Carl, Brian, Christian, and Sara and their cat, Chadee! 

  • David Carbone
    Sales Person

    Dave Carbone was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY.  He graduated from Lafayette High and continued his studies at Pace University. 

    Dave owned a successful office furniture company and retired. It was not too long before he decided to go back to work for the second phase his life! Dave joined the Pamby Sales Team in 2008 and headed up the Commerical Vehicle Division part-time for ten years.

    He took the opportunity to join the Pamby team full time in January 2018. Pamby's was thrilled he agreed! 

    Dave lives in Bethel, CT with his wife Jennifer and their two children, Ryan and Kyle. In his spare time, Dave enjoys traveling and being with his family.

  • Jim Hicks

  • Mike Polverari
    Service Consultant

  • Coretta Hanks
    Warranty and Billing Administrator

    Coretta Hanks made her entrance into the world like the driven woman she is today. There was a blizzard, which shut roads, stores; even Highway 84! Her father had just put new tires on the car, in preparation for the ride to the hospital and her parents arrived safely, just on time to welcome her. Her dad even wrote a note to the tire company and sent them a picture of Coretta to thank them for the great tires during a blizzard!


    Quite fitting, that she is now working at Pamby Motors surrounded by tires! Coretta began working at Pamby Motors Dealership in the winter of 2017. She acted as the Administrative Assistant and Title Clerk. "I had just moved to Ridgefield that fall and was looking to work for a company that has strong community roots and cherishes family." Coretta, who attended Nonnewaug High School in Woodbury, CT and Post University after, also worked for ten year at the Family and Children's Aid for 10 years, before becoming a mom. She excelled at her job at the dealership, was promoted for her hard work discipline. She is now working as the Warranty and Billing Administrator at Pamby Service Center.


    When Coretta is not working directly with the Service Techs and Service Writers, she is spending time with her four children and learning more about Ridgefield. She has a talent for cooking, but her organization, efficiency, and patience are what make her an incredible employee.


    Coretta is enjoying her new job at Pamby Service, "It is close to home, Pamby's understands the flexibility needed for family, and I loved the faced paced environment." Pamby Motors is proud to Coretta as part of the business.


    To learn more about Pamby Motors, please visit

  • Soni G
    Service Consultant

    Pamby Service Advisor Soni G. is often the first person you see when you walk in the door at our Service Department (next to the Stop & Shop center) at 143 Danbury Rd., Ridgefield. He sits at the first desk, ready to greet you as you walk in.

    The great thing about Soni G. is he used to work behind the scenes as an auto technician, so when he sits down with a customer to go over an estimate, he's fully able to explain any issue or answer any maintenance question in detail.

    "The customers who come into our service center are pleasant," Soni G. says. "I enjoy working here, and I love working with the Pambianchis; they treat us like family."

    Soni grew up the small town of Bhadran in India and immigrated to the USA at age 11. He attended local schools in Danbury, CT and then went to TCI to learn how to work on vehicles and spent time working as a mechanic before managing a small shop, Accuquick, for 7 years. He then came to Pamby's to be one of our Service Consultants! 

    Soni loves the "family environment at Pamby's and the friendly people," he works with, as well as interacts with. He plays cricket and football in his spare time, and enjoys time with his three children after work.

    Soni G. is a great team member. We are lucky to have his expertise on hand and are thankful for the hard work he puts in.

  • Steve Santini

    Steve Santini, a Ridgefield native, works in our Parts Department!

    As a child, Steve attended Scotland Elementary, East Ridge Middle School and then, graduated from Ridgefield High School. He worked at Roma's Pizza (which is now Planet Pizza) before he came to work with us at Pamby Motors in 1985!

    If you pay close attention when you're out driving around Ridgefield, you may see Stevie behind the Pamby Van wheel! Steve also looks up car parts and orders them for the business. He laughs, saying "lunchtime is my favorite part of the day!"

    Steve is cousins with John, Mike, and Fred Pambianchi. He likes working with his family as well as some great friends he has made during his 33 years at Pamby Motors. 

    When Steve is not at Pambys, he is spending time cheering on the Yankees or Giants, spending time with his sister's dogs, Maxx and Mia, or hanging out with friends at the Italian American Club! 

    Steve is a proud Pamby Motors employee for 33 years!

  • Jim Keogh

    As a little boy, Jim Keogh played with various types of cars; Matchbox, Tonka Trucks, fire trucks, rescue cars, and remote control vehicles. It comes as no surprise to the car enthusiast that he works in the Parts Department at Pamby Motors. "I am enjoying learning more about the auto industry every day and working with great people," Jim says.

    Jim was born and raised in Danbury, CT, he graduated from Danbury High School in 2008.  He became a volunteer firefighter at age 22 and is currently with Independent Hose 4. He is proud of their dedication and works for the city.  Before Jim began at Pamby Motors, he was managing a local business in Danbury, CT for 2 years, working his way up from an entry-level position.

    In his spare time, Jim is an avid Mets fan and enjoys physical challenges, such as running and hiking. He ran the Pamby Ridgefield 1/2 Marathon and looks forward to the scenic run again! Jim always has a great story to tell about his 3-year-old cat Django, who is adventurous and mischievous.

  • Bill Cassel

  • Gene Huggins
    Service Department

    Gene has been with Pamby Motors for many years! He's a superb worker. Gene is a master with transmissions and a specialist at rear-end car repairs.

    We're proud to have knowledgeable, trained and experienced staff at Pamby. Gene studied at the Porter and Chester Institute in Connecticut and came to work with us not long after he received his certification. "I wanted to work at a small-owned dealership and I stumbled into Pamby," Gene remembers.

    A resident of New Milford, when Gene isn't working, he's riding his 2002 soft custom Harley with his wife Jodi. He also breeds dachshund dogs. 

    The next time you need service work on your vehicle, pop your head into the garage and say hello to Gene!

  • Khamtanh (Tom) Somsichack

  • Patsy Ottimo

  • Grant Palinkas
    Auto Technician

    Grant was raised in Danbury, CT and graduated from DHS in 2000. He began working for Pamby Motors after he worked as a mechanice for Firestone, Valuetire, and Bethel Automotive. 

    He enjoys working at Pamby's because "everyday is different." He thinks "all of his co-workers are nice," and that "everyone learns from one another."

    Grant and his wife Jessica enjoy spending time with their daughter Mariah, and their two Rottweiler's, Roxy and Brutus. 

  • Ashish (Ash) Shukla
    Auto Technician

    Ash was born and raised outside of Dehli, India, where he attended college and studied computers and hardware. In 2001 he moved to Danbury, CT and continued to study technology and how it relates to vehicles. He completed his courses in Auto Technical school and began to work at Pamby Motors Service Center.

    When asked what he enjoys about Pamby's, he smiles and says "everything."

    Ash enjoys spending time learning more about computers, cars, and watching the WWE when he is relaxing!

  • Edgar Gonzalez
    Auto Technician

    Edgar began his education in Ecuador and then moved to Danbury, where he graduated from Danbury High School in 1999.  He studied Auto Tech at Abbott Tech as well.

    Edgar enjoys his coworkers and having a fun time at Pamby's while he works. When he isn't working on cars, he enjoys mountain biking and spending time with his wife and two children.

  • Chris Cassell
    Auto Tech

    Chris Cassel was raised in Bridgewater, CT and attended Shepawg Valley High School. He is a self-taught Service Tech, who was inspired and learned from his father, who is a mechanic.

    His brother Bill works at Pamby's and Chris was happy to join the team at Auto Body, where he began his career. After progressing very well, he continued to follow the opportunity to Pamby Service Center. 

    "I enjoy working here. My co-workers are great and it is a nice, cooperative learning environment," says Chris. "I was just able to replace a brand new engine in a Chrysler 200, what an experience!"

    When Chris is not helping to make your car run better, he can be found BMX biking, skateboarding, or playing the guitar!

  • Jack Kenney

  • Tom Falconieri
    Auto Body Manager

    Pamby Motors Chrysler Jeep Dodge RAM is proud to announce their newest employee, Body Shop Manager, Tom Falconieri. Tom is a Ridgefield native, who grew up tinkering with cars, inspired by his father. He is a complete car enthusiast who has been working on vehicles since he was a child!

    Tom graduated from Ridgefield High School in 2005 and previously worked at Pamby Motors, during high school, and then worked for Fairfield Collision Center and Julio Grasso Restoration.  He is iCAR Gold and Platinum Certified, ASE Certified, Porsche Aluminum and Steel Certified, Jaguar and Land Rover Aluminum and Steel Certified and Collision Repair Certified.

    When asked about his hobbies, Tom smiled and answered, "I wish I had some."   

    Join Pamby's in welcoming Tom with a message below, or stop in to say hi at Pamby Motors Auto Body, 32 Danbury Road (behind Peachwave!). The Auto Body shop can be reached at (203)438-2205 or email at

  • Nick Simeone
    Auto Body

    Nick was born in Long Island, but has lived in Ridgefield, CT for most of his life. He attended local schools and graduated from RHS in 2005. He continued his studies at Western Connecticut State University where he received his Bachelor's degree. Nick's past work experience involves creating fire systems for the NYPD and working for Charter Communications. He is now the Body Shop Administrator, proud father of a two-year-old boy, and looks forward to marrying his fiancée. 

  • Joe Kolf

    Joe Kolf was born and raised in Ridgefield, CT. He attended the town's schools and graduated in 1978 from RHS. He furthered his studies by taking courses at Western Connecticut State Univeristy.

    Joe began at Pamby Motors at Service in 1991 and spent time working in Auto Body, before returning to the Service Center as an Advisor.

    Joe married his wife Bunny, and lives with her and their three children, Kaylee, Briana, and Mike, and their dog, Mars, in Brookfield, CT. 

  • John Modzelewski

    iCar Platinum Certified, Welding Certified, Aluminum Certified, F150 Certified, Composite Repair Certified, Refinish Certified, Car-O-Liner Digital Frame Repair Machine Trainer

  • Brad Reardon

    CERTIFICATIONS: iCar Non-Structural Trained, F150 Certified, Hybrid Systems Certified

  • Tony Barbieri

    Tony's certifications will be updated ASAP.

  • Mike Cerullo

    CERTIFICATIONS: iCar Platinum Certified, Welding Certified, Aluminum Certified, F150 Certified, Honda, Acura, Chevrolet, GMC, Toyota, Lexus, and Scion Certified, Car-O-Liner Digital Frame Repair Machine Trainer

  • Charlie Nunez

    CERTIFICATIONS: 3M and Norton Certified in Detailing and Paint Polishing

  • Tom Biro

  • Jefferson Dasilvas

  • Alex Smith

  • Carlos DaSilva
    Gas Station

  • Michael Castellanos Cruz