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What is I-CAR Gold Certification?

If you've been looking around the greater Danbury, CT area for reliable auto body repairs, chances are you've heard the term "I-CAR Gold Certified" before, but you might not know what it means at a glance. Luckily, as one of the premier auto body repair centers here in Ridgefield, CT, it's a term we're very familiar with. And if you care about quality and expertise when it comes to repairing your Chrysler, Dodge, Ram, or Jeep Brand vehicle, you owe it to yourself and your vehicle to entrust your service needs to an I-CAR Gold Certified…

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Get Your Car Ready for Summer Driving

Is your car ready for summer travel? If you are planning a road trip this summer, be sure your vehicle is in great shape. Visit Pamby Motors, Inc for service that will help you avoid breakdowns and improve your driving experience. Here are a few services we recommend for our customers in Ridgefield, CT.

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