Is your car ready for summer travel? If you are planning a road trip this summer, be sure your vehicle is in great shape. Visit Pamby Motors, Inc for service that will help you avoid breakdowns and improve your driving experience. Here are a few services we recommend for our customers in Ridgefield, CT.

Oil Changes

Regular oil changes are the most critical thing you can do to protect your engine. An oil change eliminates dirt and other particles that could accumulate inside your motor and result in damage. It also ensures your engine is properly lubricated, so that excess friction does not occur.

We usually recommend sticking with the interval recommended by your manufacturer. Even so, having one performed before you leave for vacation can provide you with additional peace of mind. During an oil change, we also inspect wearable parts such as belts and hoses, and lubricate important areas such as your chassis. Accordingly, you can often get a heads up on other problems as well.

Engine Flush

It’s not enough to just have regular oil changes. Over time, gunk can accumulate inside your engine and clog up its internal parts. An engine flush removes buildup so that oil can better reach its innermost parts. This service can also improve performance and extend the life of your motor. An engine flush normally takes place during a routine oil change and is performed after the old oil is drained and before the new lubricant is added.

Brake Pad Replacement

Even short trips around Milford, CT and Monroe, CT are dangerous when you have worn brake pads. That’s because worn brake pads cannot grab properly and may, therefore, fail to stop your car during an emergency. They can even cause your rotors to wear out faster than normal. Visit for a brake inspection before your road trip to ensure your safety and prevent additional repairs.

Tire Service

Aside from your brakes, your tires are the biggest factor influencing safety. If yours have quite a few miles on them, it’s better to be safe rather than sorry. Stop by our service department for a new tire installation before you head out.

Maybe your tires are still in fairly good condition. In that case, you may need only a tire rotation. Regular rotations will prevent uneven wear to extend the life of your tires. Here at Pamby Motors, Inc, we also recommend a balancing each time you have your tires rotated. Balancing involves evenly distributing the weight of your tires so that you enjoy a smoother ride and better handling. It can definitely make any long-distance trip from White Plains NY to Stamford, CT more pleasant.

Air and Cabin Filter Changes

Your vehicle’s air and cabin filters work much like the HVAC filters in your home. They filter out dust, debris, and other particles that might clog your motor or affect interior air quality. A dirty air filter could cause your engine to sputter, and you could even notice poorer fuel economy. If your cabin filter is clogged, you may find it more difficult to breathe. Fortunately, changing out these filters is something our technicians can do rather quickly and inexpensively.

A/C Tune-up

Stay cool and comfortable in Danbury, CT by having an air conditioning tune-up. An A/C tune-up involves cleaning your car’s air conditioner to remove dirt and debris. In turn, this will allow air to flow more freely so that your system can work more efficiently. During an A/C service appointment, we will also inspect electrical components and check for leaks to ensure your system is good to go.

Don’t let mechanical issues derail your summer vacation. Visit Pamby Motors, Inc beforehand for routine service and repairs instead. Our mechanics can get you ready for that well-earned adventure. Browse our new inventory online and contact us for directions today.

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